Shifting Momentum in the Battle Against Abortion

Anyone watching the Super Bowl in February of 2013 (not the most recent blow-out of the Broncos by the Seahawks) witnessed a critical change in momentum in the direction of the game when the lights went out. Until that point, the Baltimore Ravens had dominated the game but, shortly after halftime, when the lights went out, the 49ers regrouped and came storming back to almost win in the final seconds. In like manner, the momentum in our culture has shifted to life or pro-life. The abortion industry has relied heavily on countering a “pro-life” position with a “pro-choice” position. In the past pro-choice has rung true for many people because everyone likes to have choices. However, the term pro-choice objectively means that one supports the legalized killing of unborn babies. It's a harsh characterization, but it's true. It cannot be rationalized in any other way. Those who support abortion have now shifted to characterizing a pro-life position as one of waging a war on women. But the pro-life position is truly pro-woman – not anti-woman.  The pro-abortion movement is struggling to find a new marketing message but somehow they cannot get away from what they are actually advocating – which is to be able to legally kill unborn babies. An unborn baby is a human being with potential, not a potential human being.

So how do we know that the momentum has changed and that pro-lifers outnumber pro-choicers? As mentioned first, there is a struggle for the pro-choice position to find a meaningful and catchy message that rings true with what they advocate (the killing of babies). Second, the 2010 elections resulted in the passage of many new pro-life laws. Third, the murder trial for a known late-term abortion provider unveiled the horrors of the abortion business.  As a result, there are initiatives afoot at the state and federal levels to provide additional protection for unborn babies. And then there is Planned Parenthood, the behemoth that is the world’s largest abortion provider. Though Planned Parenthood is politically entrenched and financially strong, there are ongoing efforts to eliminate the taxpayer funding of abortion, they have locations that have closed so abortion services are no longer offered in certain areas, clinics are being exposed for poor conditions, women are speaking out about abortion complications (including mental health concerns) and being heard, and Planned Parenthood is experiencing challenges in states for Medicare fraud and improper billing. For more about Planned Parenthood read The Truth Behind Planned Parenthood published by the Human Life Alliance.

So in summary, here are ten discernable signs of cultural change regarding abortion.

*  Public opinion has shifted.

*  There is a very low number of abortion providers.

*  Most doctors refuse to perform abortions.

*  The number of abortions performed in 2012 was the lowest since 1976.

*  Komen Foundation has problems with affiliation and temporarily drops Planned Parenthood.

*  Planned Parenthood holds up the federal budget process.

*  NARAL President resigns noting that majority of youth are pro-life.

*  A record number of pro-life laws have been enacted.

*  Participation at pro-life events reaches an all-time high.

*  The media is beginning to report on these trends.

The momentum has shifted, women are speaking out, and 40 years of pro-lifers pushing against the culture of death is now starting to bear fruit. For those who have experienced an abortion, know that God’s mercy and forgiveness goes beyond anything another human being can offer. Now is the time to share your pain and heal. God, the Divine Physician, wants to heal you and give you a new life. Come to Him with trust and confidence that he will do what he says he can do.