Lamar Hunt, Jr. is the founder of Loretto Properties, LLC, a real estate investment company specializing in the operation and management of residential properties, as well as Loretto Foundation, LLC, a private charitable organization.  He also owns the Kansas City Mavericks, LLC, a member team of the East Coast Hockey League, which plays its home games in the Independence, Missouri Events Center.  All companies are based in the greater Kansas City area. He is a member of the founding family of the Kansas City Chiefs, a National Football League member team. The family also operates FC Dallas, a member franchise of Major League Soccer. Lamar serves on the board of directors of Hunt Midwest Enterprises, a real estate development company based in Kansas City, Missouri. He is a member of the board of the Hunt Family Foundation and also serves on the Advisory Board of the Catholic Radio Network, a religious broadcasting group that operates radio stations in the greater Kansas City, Wichita, and Denver markets. read more...

Pilgrimage to Ireland

I had the incredible opportunity to spend a week touring and learning about the most prominent landmarks of Catholicism in Ireland with fellow pilgrims. We encountered many stories, lessons, and practices that are at the core of Catholic faith, and my hope is to share a few of my learnings below.

First Day: Tour of Dublin

Trinity College

Trinity College with my wife Rita on our first day in Ireland.

Our first day was a long one due to travel from the U.S. We visited Trinity College where we saw the amazing “Book of Kells,” an illuminated manuscript Gospel book in Latin, containing the 4 Gospels of the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

It is a masterwork of Western calligraphy and represents the pinnacle of insular art,  that is art produced in the post-Roman history of Ireland and Britain. These manuscripts were created around 800 A.D. and are on calfskin. You cannot take a picture of the originals, which are behind thick, dark glass.

After the viewing “The Book of Kells,” we saw the Long Room at Trinity College built between 1712 and 1732 and packed with over 200,000 books of the library’s oldest books. We saw a room which we could not photograph, where there were several people quietly restoring some of these books — certainly a room to visit for… Continue reading →

Lamar Hunt Jr. purchases Topeka RoadRunners

Lamar Hunt Jr. wants to create a “hockey ecosystem” here in the Midwest, adding Topeka to his plans.

Lamar Hunt Jr. announced Wednesday that his company, Loretto Sports Ventures, purchased the Topeka RoadRunners from Don Stone, who had owned Topeka’s Tier II junior hockey team since 2009.

Hunt’s company also owns the Kansas City Mavericks, a professional hockey team, and his acquisition of the Topeka RoadRunners is part of a much broader plan to enhance the Midwest’s hockey game. Read more here…

The Kansas City Star, NHL Hockey, and Lamar Hunt Jr.

The Kansas City Star, The Kansas City Star, NHL Hockey, and Lamar Hunt Jr.NHL Hockey, and Lamar Hunt Jr.:  Sports columnist Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star published an insightful article over the weekend on the future of NHL hockey in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

Sam analyzes the relatively strong and growing local interest and support in the Kansas City Mavericks of the East Coast Hockey League and how Lamar and the Mavericks organization is helping to build a support system for hockey that will increase the likelihood that an NHL team may eventually want to make Kansas City its home.  Here’s a quote from Lamar that’s cited in the article:

‘The NHL has vaguely mentioned Kansas City as a possible expansion market, and the Sprint Center’s lack of an anchor tenant makes this a natural question. But, as best I can tell, no one from or representing Kansas City will be among those submitting bids for a team to play here.  Lamar Hunt Jr., who owns the ECHL’s Kansas City Mavericks, a minor-league hockey team that plays in Independence, called the NHL’s $500 million price tag for an expansion franchise “a ridiculously big fee,” and said that he is not aware of anyone in Kansas City who will make a push for a team.  “No, it’s not on my radar,” he said. “It’s not on… Continue reading →

Lamar Hunt Jr.’s Loretto Sports acquires Kansas City Mavericks

Lamar Hunt Jr. watches the Missouri MavericksLamar Hunt Jr.’s Loretto Sports acquires Missouri Mavericks:  Loretto Sports Ventures, LLC, a company owned by Lamar Hunt, Jr., has announced that it purchased the Kansas City Mavericks of the East Coast Hockey League and that Lamar Hunt, Jr. had been approved for ownership status by the ECHL Board Of Directors.  The ECHL is considered the premier AA professional hockey league, and the Mavs play their home games at the Independence Events Center in Independence, Missouri.

At the press conference, Lamar said that “today is an exciting day for the Kansas City Mavericks and our great fans.  Since 2009, the Mavericks have been an exemplary hockey franchise.  I have seen firsthand how the team and staff come together to create a competitive product on the ice, as well as an exhilarating game day experience at Independence Events Center. We are pleased to have the opportunity to build upon the foundation of success the team has established and can’t wait to get started.”

The Kansas City Mavericks entered a new era for the 2014-15 season after a historic move to the ECHL.  Last October, the Mavericks, along with six other teams of the former Central Hockey League (CHL), were formally accepted as expansion member teams into the ECHL.  The Mavs have made the playoffs in each of their… Continue reading →

Shifting Momentum in the Battle Against Abortion

Anyone watching the Super Bowl in February of 2013 (not the most recent blow-out of the Broncos by the Seahawks) witnessed a critical change in momentum in the direction of the game when the lights went out. Until that point, the Baltimore Ravens had dominated the game but, shortly after halftime, when the lights went out, the 49ers regrouped and came storming back to almost win in the final seconds. In like manner, the momentum in our culture has shifted to life or pro-life. The abortion industry has relied heavily on countering a “pro-life” position with a “pro-choice” position. In the past pro-choice has rung true for many people because everyone likes to have choices. However, the term pro-choice objectively means that one supports the legalized killing of unborn babies. It's a harsh characterization, but it's true. It cannot be rationalized in any other way. Those who support abortion have now shifted to characterizing a pro-life position as one of waging a war on women. But the pro-life position is truly pro-woman – not anti-woman.  The pro-abortion movement is struggling to find a new marketing message but somehow they cannot get away from what they are actually advocating – which is to be able to legally kill unborn babies. An unborn baby is a human being with potential, not a potential human being.

So how… Continue reading →