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The Wonderful Work of Operation Breakthrough

My wife Rita and I get many invitations to help with events in the greater Kansas City community and, of course, we can’t say “yes” to every request. When we do take on an obligation, we try to share the good news about that organization with the hope that others may want to get involved, even if only in a small way. One thing we’ve taken on this spring is to be the Honorary Chairs for Operation Breakthrough’s 16th Annual Fundraiser, “Recipe for Success”, on April 25th, 2014 from 5:30-10:00pm at the Downtown Marriott/Muelbach Tower.

For those of you that do not know about Operation Breakthrough and what they do, let me fill you in.  We’ve all heard the phrase “children-at-risk” and that is the population that Operation Breakthrough focuses on – children-at-risk and their parents. Located at 3039 Troost in Kansas City Missouri, lamarritapicOperation Breakthrough was founded in 1971 by Sister Corita Bussanmas and Sister Berta Sailer in response to requests from center-city residents for quality child care for children from working-poor families. It is the largest nationally-accredited, single-site childcare center in the state of Missouri.  They care for 450 children every day and 85% of enrolled children are from families living below the poverty level, often making less than $14,000 per year. Besides providing early-childhood education, Operation Breakthrough also provides… Continue reading →

Reflections on Personal Responsibility and Accountability

Recently author and actor (and maybe good old-fashioned philosopher) Ben Stein wrote an article about a very close friend taking his own life. He was a man that Mr. Stein had respected and been in his circle of close friends since early childhood. Apparently this gentleman was alone and dejected about his health and though once wealthy, he had found himself deeply in debt with no means of making a living. He saw his only options as poverty or death, or so he thought. Mr. Stein said, “The suicide of this man has burned through my brain like a brush fire that never goes out.”

Mr. Stein went on to reflect that he had given money to this man on various occasions before he died but regretted that he had not done more for him. Mr. Stein, with his usual disarming candor, admitted that because he had be burned (or taken) in the past for loaning money to relatives, he was leery about this man. However he reflects that “I should have been willing to take the gamble that I would get ripped off another time.”

The second thought that Mr. Stein revealed was that this man maybe could have made arrangements to live more modestly including looking into a small apartment or even Section 8 housing and spent more time in the public library… Continue reading →

Memories of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

This past November I traveled to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a guest of the UAE Ambassador of to the United States, His Excellency Yousef Al Otaiba. The primary purpose of the trip was to attend the Abu Dhabi Formula I Grand Prix race and finalize details for Major League Soccer club FC Dallas to do some pre-season training in the UAE at the Al Jazira Soccer Club facility. The Al Jazira Soccer Club (the name “Al Jazira” means “The Islands”) is owned by His Highness Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Hahyan who might be better recognized as the principal owner of Manchester City of the English Premier League (EPL). Sheikh Mansour is also the newest investor in the latest franchise in MLS (the New York FC franchise) and has partnered with the New York Yankees on this investment. New York FC is scheduled to begin MLS play in 2015 and will play their home games at Yankee Stadium until a site (preferably in Manhattan) is developed exclusively for the team.

The Abu Dhabi Formula I Grand Prix, and the surrounding activities, is an event on the level of the Super Bowl in the UAE. There were remarkable dinners with entertainment (including budding opera star Vittorio Grigolo) and, for those of us who were not familiar with the UAE, sightseeing.… Continue reading →

I Have a Dream: A Campaign of Civil Disobedience is in Order

This piece was written by my friend, Antonio J. Soave, and is posted here with his permission.  My thanks to Antonio for a wonderfully-written piece.  – Lamar Hunt Jr.

This past weekend’s March for Life in Washington, D.C. was one of the largest civil rights demonstrations to take place in recent history.  With estimates ranging from 500,000 to 750,000, the campaign should have been a force with which to be reckoned.  However, it was largely ignored by mainstream media and cast-off as some form of mass hysteria.  The fact that we have destroyed over 50 million fetuses since the inception of Roe v. Wade seems to have little to no impact on today’s modern society.  Unfortunately, this is another sign of the times – a very disturbing one at that.

It was fitting that the March for Life coincided with the events surrounding Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in America.  Dr. King stood for the protection of life and most certainly all life – regardless of race, color and creed.  Just as Dr. King said, “I have a dream … ,” so, too, do I have a dream.  I have a dream that all life, regardless of size, gender and disposition will be respected and protected by society.  I have a dream that humankind will understand the abuse that is being perpetrated as millions upon… Continue reading →

Politics, Economics, and Materialism – What are the Core Issues?

Many people have turned their attention to the political conventions these past few weeks, where many speeches outlined various positions of both the Democratic and Republican parties. There can be no doubt there is a feverish push to win over voters, because much is at stake. Anyone voting in the presidential election should take the time to become informed about the issues and try to understand where each party stands on these issues.

We live in an age of information in which knowledge would appear to be everything. In the worlds of business and politics (i.e., statesmanship), it seems that those who control the flow of information rule their domain. Hence, political parties put a “spin” on their versions of reality in the hope that individuals will be persuaded to vote for this or that political platform.

However, there is a danger in clinging to a certain kind of knowledge that can separate us from others and make us feel superior to them. There is a self-deception in thinking that we have the world figured out and that we are in control. Knowledge is a good thing, but it needs to be brought into proper perspective. We must use our intellect to understand the world but also consider what it means to be a human being in relation to other human beings. There is a dangerous illusion to… Continue reading →